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REW CPA is a NYC Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE). The firm is headed by Rosemarie Whyte, a highly skilled CPA, licensed in New York State. Rosemarie Whyte CPA ,MSc, is also a member of the ACCA-London. Her experience spans over 25 years in the US and overseas, where she held positions as Auditor, Controller and CFO. She has a solid track record of attestation work, financial reporting and administration. She has significantly improved businesses financial reporting and operating results.

Rosemarie, started her career as an auditor at Big 4 audit firms, Deloitte Touche Ross and KPMG, in Kingston Jamaica, where she worked for eight years. She received several promotions and   oversaw  audits of  Manufacturing and Processing companies. Rosemarie, credits KPMG for her superior work ethic, strong analytical and audit skills and her ability to develop rock solid internal controls over financial reporting.

 After leaving KPMG she held positions of Plant Controller, Financial Controller and Director of Finance, with oversight of  Information Systems and Human Resources departments for large firms engaged in Meat Processing , Food production and Fast Food operations. Rosemarie developed expertise in Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Working Capital Management, and Human Resources management. Rosemarie planned and coordinated external audits, presented Financial reports to Board of Directors, presented companies to investors and maintained relationships with funders, banks and other stake holders. Rosemarie, is adept at managing and negotiating Employee Benefits contracts.

Through her leadership skills, Rosemarie brought many positive changes to organizations, improved staff productivity, significantly improved financial reporting and improved internal controls over financial reporting. She  conducted SOX auditing over inventory of a major corporation. during the span of her career Rosemarie has helped to improve several companies' bottom line. Rosemarie is a strong negotiator of contracts for supplies and services and used her skills in this area to significantly cut costs and improve companies Bottom Line. Due to her audit training, Rosemarie can quickly detect irregularities and fraud in financial reporting and can readily identify internal control weaknesses, she has designed financial reporting systems and rock solid internal control policies and procedures. Rosemarie, is fair in reporting to those responsible for Governance where she is engaged to provide attest services. Her accomplishments include her reports of significant weaknesses in internal controls and financial reporting to the CEO of a major service organization and to the CEO and Chair of a $5Billion dollar meat processing company in the US. Her reports lead to staff changes at very senior levels and improvements implemented in internal controls over financial reporting.


 For 5 years, Rosemarie held the position of CFO with a Non- Profit in Brooklyn, New York, engaged in a mix of Affordable Housing Development, Property management and Social and Community Services. Rosemarie developed expertise in Non-Profit reporting, Financial reporting and Real Estate Asset Management and Property Management of Affordable Housing. Rosemarie managed the audits, budgets and reports of a very complex organizational structure of 23 entities with multiple revenue streams. Rosemarie is adept at Government contract management and developing policies to manage various revenue streams including State and Federal contracts. Rosemarie is very current with Affordable Housing, Real Estate Investments, Non-Profit laws and NYC Revitalization Act. Rosemarie, was instrumental in developing and implementing Conflict of Interest policies, Record Retention policies, Whistle Blower policies and updating By Laws.

Businesses have benefitted and so will yours, from her varied professional experiences and her core values of being thorough, thoughtful, detailed and reliable. Rosemarie is a well trained in various audit techniques and can lead and supervise her team to ensure audits are conducted with the highest level of competence and professional integrity.

Rosemarie provides diligent and expert CFO/Controller skills to small and large businesses in her capacity as Consultant. Rosemarie helps businesses with Employee Benefits selection, setting up accounting systems, financial projections and performance monitoring. She leaves no stone unturned and is quick to identify factors affecting business’s financial health. She takes the time to properly analyze her clients’ financial statements and provide concise reports to CEO’s and Board Members. She makes well thought out recommendations, based on best practices and first- world standards.  Rosemarie, strongly believes in transparency, fair and accurate reporting. She cares about her clients' success.

Rosemarie worked on controls at  service organizationsis and is very interested in the field of reporting on controls at service organizations for user entities and user auditors.

Rosemarie has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance and a Master’s degree in Finance- (Real Estate) from NYU. She is well experienced to provide her clients with competent attest and consulting services and provide valuable solutions to business challenges.  Rosemarie provides free consultation to her clients.

Besides her technical skills, Rosemarie is highly ethical, confidential and professional.

Rosemarie, maintains her CPE credentials and collaborates with other CPA’s on issues to ensure clients are getting the best professional advice.


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